Friday, January 25, 2013

Just Having The Best Day Ever!! Living Life Like Stu Holden

For my Social Media class, we were asked to write two blog posts a week covering things we discussed in class as well as things that interest us.  To be honest, people interest me.  You can learn so much from every new person you meet or public figures you see in Hollywood, the music scene, or athletics.  For this weeks freelance post, I would like to "spotlight", so to speak, a personal hero of mine.  He's an individual that I find to be very inspiring and drives me to work hard, find the good in life, and keep strong faith in the paths and goals I set for myself.  He is literally the happiest person I have ever come across despite the fact that he has had a few set backs with this playing career, as you will soon find out, he has an unwavering optimism that I have yet to see anyone equal. 

Stuart Holden, a soccer (or football, depending on preference or where you may be reading this) player was born in Aberdeen, Scotland on 1 August, 1985.  He moved to Houston, TX with his family at the age of 10.  In the year 2005, after playing for Clemson University for about two years, Stu signed on with the English Football Club.  Unfortunately, shortly thereafter he was attacked outside of a pub in Newcastle for being a player for Sunderland.  He suffered a left eye fracture which, when attempting to train with the club, left him seeing two soccer balls flying through the air.  It was a very frustrating time because it left Holden wondering if he'd ever be able to play.  People told him that no team would want a player that can't see correctly to play for them.  Once that injury healed up, he then suffered an ankle injury which pulled him out of playing yet again and essentially ended his first career in England.  He never actually got to play a match during his time with the team.

In 2006, however, Holden signed on with the Houston Dynamo and would play for them until 2009.  During these years he also played for the US Men's Soccer Team in the 2008 Olympics, scoring the match winning goal against Japan!!  Stu was back in action for sure. In 2009, he played for Men's National Team where he caught the eye of clubs over in England.  Months later he signed with another English Club, the Bolton Wanderers where he still plays today.  However, during his time with Bolton, he sustained an injury to his right knee during a match with Manchester United.  It took him out of action for six months, but during this time he kept an amazing attitude, posting video blogs to his personal YouTube account so that fans could follow his progress and know that he was working hard to get back to full health.  Once healed, he played one match before the team's doctors ruled him out of playing again for continuing ligament issues.  However, just recently on January 15th, Stuart made his return to Bolton when he was substituted into Bolton's match against Sunderland after being out for almost an year and half.

His story has taught me to live life as positively as possible.  It's because of him that even when I am having a bad day, I tell everyone that it's the best day ever and finding the good in almost any situation.  Anyone that happens to see this post should really Google Stu or visit his official website (I have provided a link for your convenience) because I have only scratched the surface with this man.  Read about all the wonderful charity work that Stuart involves himself with.  Watch interviews about him and see for yourself how strong of a personality he has.  

(credit for photo goes to

I got to meet the man himself after a Dynamo game back in 2009.  Never been so starstruck in my life, haha.  

Just a fun fan video that I found years ago via YouTube.  It's a little outdated seeing as the clips are from his Dynamo days, but I feel the Scottish Braveheart music is extremely fitting ;)

Scoring the game tying goal against Haiti and catching the eye of English clubs: