Friday, January 25, 2013

Jump Right In!! Transmedia Storytelling

A new form of social media marketing that I believe should not be written off for any means is that of transmedia storytelling.  To my understanding, when using this tactic for marketing you are not only telling your audience about your are engaging them.  What better way to connect with your audience??   

Let's delve a bit deeper here, shall we??  First of off, it's very important to understand that you are not simply telling a story.  To my personal interpretation, you are taking a single part of that story and spreading it around through various media platforms.  The best example I could come up with myself are the Harry Potter books.  J.K. Rowling wrote these 7 beloved novels and shared them with the world.  Soon after, the novels were made into the movie.  But they didn't stop there.  The online website Pottermore launched, which allowed readers to dive into their loved magical world.  You travel through the books, unlocking secret items, learning spells, and gaining points for your house.  Yes, your house!!  You get sorted and can travel to Ollivander's to purchase your wand.  Living at Hogwart's via the internet not enough??  Universal Studios in Orlando build The Wizarding World of Harry Potter exhibit where visitors can travel to Diagon Alley and have a pint of Butterbeer as well as purchase an actual wand for themselves to take home (unfortunately, the magical capabilites are not included).  

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Another example I find to be relevant is the Lego company.  They take stories or current events all the time and build their own stories with their legos.  

or promoting The Lord of the Rings trilogy:

Still a bit hazy on the concept??  It's alright.  Here are some resources I hope you can find helpful.  

Transmedia Storytelling 101

Enjoy the video :)