Friday, February 8, 2013

I need to visualize this...oh look!! An infographic, how visually stimulating :)

By a show of hands, how many of you that have stumbled across  this blog are visual learners??  You can't see it, but I am raising my hand as well.  Sometimes it's a struggle to understand new information or data without it being presented in a right-brained manner.  Behold, the power of an infographic.  Finally, someone has found a way to present data in a way that can be easily interpreted for those that learn from a more "creative" presentation.

So what is an infographic??  Exactly as it sounds.  It's a graphic or picture that presents information about a business, social media stats, step-by-step instructions, etc.  You can also turn your resume into an infographic!!  It will definitely make you more memorable.  Infographics are a success for purely psychological reasons.  Infographics are another way to be transparent with your audience by putting all your information out there with a creative spin.  They are easily memorable, which you need for today's market.  Not only for competitive reasons but purely for the fact that if you can't capture a viewers attention and then maintain it in something like...5 seconds, you're already hurting.  And again, for those of us that find our strengths from the right side of our brain, it's easier for us to tap into the memory bank of our minds and recall information because we have a picture and colors to put with it.  For example!!  

(photo credit: Pinterest via KISSmetrics)

Now, if you had attempted to simply tell me this information vocally or written it out in stats form on a blackboard or PowerPoint...I'd probably look at you like you had grown another head.  But with the help of infographics and KISSmetrics, I understand the concept of bounce rates, the stats and analytics behind it, as well as how to strengthen bounce back rates and what not to do.  

Want an infographic about INFOGRAPHICS??  There's an infograph for that ;)

(Photo credit: Pinterest via AEJMC PRd)

To be completely honest, I wanted to attempt to make this entire blog post infographics (created by yours truly) about infographics.  Sadly, I ran out of time, but you can certainly go to these resources and make your own!!  C'mon, its fun :)


Infographic Tools

Videos!!  (all of which you can find on YouTube) (give credit where it's due):

I highly recommend getting on YouTube and finding videos on your own.  Some are upwards of 20 minutes long, but very helpful :)

(the above is a bit lengthy, 'round about 7 minutes)